Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I always wanted to be sponsored. Ya know!? I mean, wouldn't it be great to have a short but distinguished list of companies that want to slap their logo all over you... In return they would give you an unlimited supply of shoes, clothes, skateboards, guitars, Drums, energy drink, watches, etc, etc, etc. But who wants to give an endorsement deal to some unknown mid thirties guy who is pretty good at everything but masterful at ... well... nothing (at the moment). So like other cool kids that never grew up I turn to D.I.Y. My plan is to come up with my own designs for everything I like, make my own designs and... well... sponsor myself. Heck, why not? I have to buy the stuff anyway so why not put the name of the financier (in this case me) all over it. Undoubtedly some will say this is the highest (or lowest) level of narcissism. For me it's just another avenue for expression... art. So I set about to express myself in new ways but more importantly I endeavor to enjoy the fruits of my labor or just plain have fun. I don't have any of my own designs done yet but I did do one spoof design for my little brother P. Here is your design P! Now all we need is $200 and we can make one! LOL! oh well... maybe we will just stick to the $29 mini logo.

I created this image from the ground up in photoshop ( no picture was used or harmed), Inspired by another fun photo shop pic, I faked the reflections and everything.


sarahgrace said...

I want one! I want one! Make one for me too!

a9 said...

Hahha, Yeah!!! I love it! Very inspiring. Now I wanna make one too!