Saturday, August 16, 2008

STOKED TO THE ROOF!... Memoirs of a Rad Dad

Twenty years of practice finally pays off! I got my hand plants on the coping and I am landing them! Now... if I can build an 11' vert ramp I can practice the real deal!
I am not as rad as this dad or this dad but I am not as old mature either... what I mean is... I have a few years to catch up! These guys are quite an inspiration to me because they are bucking the stereotype... but more than that they are skating for the love of skating.

After landing my hand plant several times I went inside the house to find a poop catastrophe. No picture. My yongest son had an accident, "o.k. no problem" but then he tried to clean it up..."uh-oh!, big problem". I love being a dad!

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