Thursday, August 14, 2008

Keep moving forward

These days it seems too many people are bailing out on their marriage. It sucks to have close friends call it quits and then start pressuring you to take a side. It's a bummer when good people split. It's hell if kid's get caught in the middle and it's a waste of precious time. It's a wasted chapter of life!

I want to be that cute old couple at the wedding. The last couple on the dance floor. The couple that has been married for eighty some years!

I married my dream girl and she just keeps getting better! She is intelligent, artistic and athletic, she is the worlds best mommy and she is totally hot! The history we have together is amazing. It is something that only she and I share. That, is worth more than all the oil in the world.

So here is a call out to every married couple... do what ever it takes, be the cute old couple who has been married for years and years. Build trust and be trustworthy, be supportive and just always be willing to work it out. Look at your mate and see that good catch that you first fell in love with. Don't take anything for granted!


a9 said...

What? A post with no pictures?! Surely thou hast triggered the apochalyps.
But GREAT advice. And a wonderful goal.

Kvon said...

I know. It's the end of the world... as we know it....