Monday, August 25, 2008

Paint that deck!

Last weekend was awesome. In-spite of the fact that our family has been fighting off sickness for almost a week and a half, we pushed through. It was a weekend of choosing to have a good attitude. We look for and find simple joys in everything we do. Friday night kicked the weekend off with a birthday party for my niece. It was great to see the in-laws. Saturday was a mix of Skating and home projects. To finish the day we had a fun hangout with my friend Rich and his family to warm their new house. Late Saturday night I got the wild Idea to paint my skateboard. It's crazy, I haven't done this for... twenty years or so. I decided to do a spin off from an old Neil blender graphic. Here are a few pictures to document this hair brained idea.

Tape, draw, cut and peal





Keep Skating.


Anonymous said...

love it! Great graphic!

Kvon said...

30+ with a full can of spray out!