Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Western Colorado Skateparks vol. 1

I have decided to do a pictorial on western Colorado skateparks. Here is the first installment. Cedaredge, Montrose and Ridgway. These parks are within an hour drive of each other. You can session them all in one day.Cedaredge seems way too spread out for me. Lots of crossing traffic. If bmx bikes show up your session is over. The street features are laid out around the perimeter of the park. The 6' kidney bowl is very tight much like an old (undesirable) backyard pool. The deeper bowl is about 8' or 9'. I didn't have much fun (chasing my kids around instead of skating) but I am willing to give it another try.

Montrose is cool, strange but fun. The "big" bowl has an angled flat bottom. I think this was designed to give you options when learning new tricks. You can start shollow and move deeper as you progress. The 6' bowl is fun. It's round and it connects to a half pipe-ish area where all the groms fly out. There are to 5' deep snake runs that are somewhat parallel to each other. I had a few good lines. Bring a broom to clean out the big bowl.
Ridgway is a small grindline park. Pool coping all the way around. A little too GNAR for me. The deeper bowl is around 9'. The large wall section is 6' ish and the shollow section is around 4' (with pool coping!) As you can see from the picture this park has one of those iconic wave wall things. The park was fun. I think in time I could find some good lines at Ridgway.

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sarahgrace said...

Lovin' the new look, babe! Very "concrete" feeling. Nice.