Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fire your art director!

Maybe the conversation went like this:

Stacy: "Tony, I got a great idea for your new add!"
Tony: "O.K."
later that day...
Tony: "Stacy... I quit"
Stacy: "Now what on earth would make you want to do that?"

I found this old Powell Peralta add on I wonder if Vernon Courtlandt Johnson did the face paint on Tony? Anyone know?? Powell Peralta had some crazy adds back in the day.. I miss those days.


Nikoli said...

Guess I'm dork... I kinda like the concept.

Kvon said...

Hey Nik!
...Oh! Don't get me wrong, I like it too. I find it a little disturbing and I like that. LOL! "So bad it's good" and so forth! Stacy's stuff is always risky and dorky. I wish I had all the old P.P. adds and VCJ art on my wall. Plus I wanted to plug :)
Thanks for reading!

sarahgrace said...

I think it's cool too...but yeah, poor Tony- I bet he remembers that day really well...

Kvon said...

I would like to see this same picture only with Tony's eyes open! lol! like that part in (old) Rambo where the camera is looking at a mud wall and all of the sudden two big eyes open wide, you realize Rambo has fauxed himself into the mud wall! CREEPY! hahaha!