Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday morning trip to the Fruita wasteland park

NEWS (who cares?) as it happens!

We went to the Fruita skate... eh... park this morning. We made the most of it and tried to do our part to make the park a .... um... better place.

Hey, city of Fruita, thanks for the park but it really needs maintenance. The skatelite on the ramp is broken up in a very bad way, it's a real hazard. Let me know if I can help. ps We cleaned up most of the trash that everyone leaves around. I looked for a restroom for ten minutes before settling for a few tall weeds... Come on Fruita... at least put a port-a -potty out there.

Rumor has it that the city of Fruita is going to build Haul in a new "Woodward" park. That's great and all... but I really wish there was a vert ramp around here.

Drea resting.

We met this cool kid named Forrest. He's pretty good on that bike.

Kvon backside.

Kvon frontside

Asylum9 backside

Asylum9 backside alt view

Asylum9 rock to fakie

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a9 said...

Yeah! good set o' pics. That Rock to fakie makes the ramp look HUGE.