Sunday, August 3, 2008

working on it

Everyone wants to get better. We want more tricks in our bag. Sometimes skaters get frustraited with doing the same tricks over and over. We have to do the same tricks over and over. why? Because its not just about landing the trick... it's about style... art! You can land a trick, then you can get it consistent but it might take years to get it styled. Right now I am working on style... and getting things bigger and higher. Here we document the state of my less styled tricks. Hopefully future posts will show a big improvement.

Foot on the coping, but the jump is pretty small. I want to get this trick huge like Steve Steadham or the late Jeff Phillips. I think this trick is called a "boneless" or "boneless one". What's the difference? If anyone knows the difference feel free to advise.

This summer I got hand plants down low but I have been working them up the the coping. I didn't land this one, but I will soon. My ramp is about six feet tall, almost to vert. I am a long way from getting this trick on an eleven foot vert ramp but that is the goal.


Nikoli said...

Yo Kvon! Thanks for the comment on You've got a great blog here. If you're not there already, I suggest joining the forums at Great bunch of people and the forums aren't like a bunch of 12 year olds hatin' on everything and everyone. Fun place no doubt.

Anyway, good luck on that style. I've been doing rock-n-rolls for years, and they're still as robotic as ever.

Jeff said...

that boneless looks pretty good man.
Phillips did have the best boneless style ever though, all lanky and just huge!

Great pics, hold it in the PDX!

I know I'd rather be at the Jolly Inn drinking their cheap PBR anyday or better yet mai tais at the Space Room.

Kvon said...

Hey guys! Thanks for your comments of encouragement! It is good to hear from other skaters!

The old man army looks cool!

Phillips was a master, he went wide with the boneless too! I need a bigger ramp! ;)